20 May

“it’s just your doubt that binds you. just drop those thoughts behind you now.”

“I could’ve been easier on you. I could’ve been all you held on to. I know I wasn’t fair, I tried my best to care about you.”

“Ice, ice, melt your heart. Baby just let down your guard. Rush, Rush, for that touch. Just one taste, can’t get enough.”

i got a feeling that we’ll be alright.

looks like we made it out alive.

don’t ever stop believing in yourself. you’re all you’ve got in the end.

new york, you know you make my heart skip.

new jersey taught me how to let go, and i’ve learned it’s all that i need to know.

everytime i look at you, i realize how magical you are all over again.

please don’t ever leave me alone and scared again.

this blood on my hands is something i can not forget.

my shadow followed when you walked away, and ever since that day, my life has never been the same.

damn, it’s such a shame.


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