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Mouse Trap?

23 Apr

There’s a giant mouse floating in the Rhone River in Lyon, France! Whoa! There really isn’t much of a story, just the picture. But it fascinated me. Haha(:


Obama’s Inaguration- Nigeria

21 Jan

Yesterday at about 12 o’clock PM ET, President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the President of the United States. Although, I was reading a newspaper article from the Nigerian newspaper, “Business Day” in which I read a quote by Jessie Jackson which reads,

“Jackson concurred, saying that Obama is Africa’s gift to the United States, and so the latter is indebted to Africa.
Schneidman cautioned, however, against too much expectations. The United States is not going to double its aid to Africa, certainly not immediately, he said. What seemed certain is that Obama’s election will have a positive impact on Africa’s democracy. “

I really think that he is being stuck up and pigheaded for even thinking this. How can he say that a person is a gift? Are we retreating to slavery? This has to be one of the worst quotes I’ve head from a political figure. How could we possibly be in debt to another nation for one of their citizens having a child with an American?




Obama Obama Obama Obama

5 Nov


I am so incredibly happy that Barack Obama won the presidential election. Now we only have a few more months of turmoil due to Bush. In my opinion, if McCain/Palin would’ve won, we would’ve just been hurled deeper into this “black hole of an economy.” I mean, McCain was just another Bush, and our country just couldn’t withstand that. Obama can think of ways to get out of this creatively, and keep our economy in tact, while McCain would’ve just let it get worse. Honestly, he is old, which is another downfall to his campaign. Not many people liked Sarah Palin and her tattooed lip liner, and she would’ve been running the country when McCain died. Given, he is in pretty good health at the moment, but still, he’s what, 72? Thats old for a president. If he would’ve run his full 8 years, he would’ve been 80 by the time his presidency was over. Thats not cool. Obama on the other hand is just, overall good for the country. I think that now, we actually stand a chance of staying together, and getting through this turmoil as a country- the exact same way we got in.


Bush Calls For “Freak out”

21 Oct

I was reading “The Onion – News of the Weird” last night, and the front page title was “Bush Calls For Freak Out.” As I read into the article, it had in quotations, “Its time to put aside our differences, come together as a nation, and seriously freak out.” This may just be the most intelligent thing Bush as ever said. Too bad its made up.

Mr. Clean Dies at 92

2 Oct

TV idol, House Peters Jr., also known as Mr. Clean, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92. He had pneumonia. Peters’ most famous role as Mr. Clean was most popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s with the famous jingle “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean.” But, Peters’ wasn’t only Mr. Clean. He appeared in many sitcoms such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Gunsmoke.” He is survived by his wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

Here’s the story.

Text Message Sent 22 Seconds Before Fatal Crash

2 Oct

Before a fatal train crash in Los Angeles, California, the engineer sent a text message to an unmentioned number. The scary part, is that it was only 22 seconds before the train crashed, resulting in immediate death of the engineer. Since the death, there are more bills being sent to congress about cell phones on trains, and the number of hours a crew member can work before having to take a break. Turns out, that by sending that text message, he lost his life, and may have saved the lives of many engineers to come.

Here’s the story.

20 Children Die In Disco

2 Oct

20 children died on Thursday in a crowded disco hall in Tanzania. Apparently, the hall was only made to accommodate 200 people, but more than double that were crowded in. Toto Discos were banned in East Africa, since stampedes occurred often, but are still occasionally held. Do you think they learned their lesson after this stampede?

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‘The Boss’ To Play Superbowl Halftime Show

29 Sep

Bruce Springsteen has been appointed to play the 2008/2009 Superbowl Halftime Show. Following acts such as Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Chubby Checker. Being as more than 143 million people tune in to watch the Superbowl every year, who knows how many will tune in to see Bruce and the E-Street Band play.

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E-Mail After Hours

26 Sep

Studies show that more and more workers are communicating with their co-workers after their shift is over. Email, cell phones, and other common communication devices are becoming more and more common to be given out for work purposes. Many people say that if they’re without their Blackberry or the PalmPilot, they feel “out of touch with the world.” How would you feel if you were without a cell phone or computer?

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