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20 May

“it’s just your doubt that binds you. just drop those thoughts behind you now.”

“I could’ve been easier on you. I could’ve been all you held on to. I know I wasn’t fair, I tried my best to care about you.”

“Ice, ice, melt your heart. Baby just let down your guard. Rush, Rush, for that touch. Just one taste, can’t get enough.”

i got a feeling that we’ll be alright.

looks like we made it out alive.

don’t ever stop believing in yourself. you’re all you’ve got in the end.

new york, you know you make my heart skip.

new jersey taught me how to let go, and i’ve learned it’s all that i need to know.

everytime i look at you, i realize how magical you are all over again.

please don’t ever leave me alone and scared again.

this blood on my hands is something i can not forget.

my shadow followed when you walked away, and ever since that day, my life has never been the same.

damn, it’s such a shame.

20 May

“I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is.”

“She’d sink lower than a body in the Hudson could ever do.”

I didn’t mean for it to end up like this. I promise. I meant every word I ever said to you.

“Boldness be my friend.”

losing my head.

“I just wanna run into you, and break off the chains, and throw them away.”

“hit the lights, put your problems up on the table. i guarantee that 3 bottles will be gone by midnight. slurp it up, drink it down, it’ll go fast.”

s-c-a-n-d to the a to the l-o-u-s

20 May

“Take the high road, it’s far less crowded.”

“I miss the long drives, the car rides, the bad fights, the good times. The way you make me feel will never leave my mind.”

“It’s the greatest thing you’ll ever imagine, but you’ll never know until you’re there.”

“Running from lions never felt like such a mistake.”

“real eyes realize real lies.”

“If I could gather up the nerve, I’d put my feelings into words. And if I weren’t so young, stupid, or reckless, I might be able to soon just forget this.”

mr. daniel todd miller-perez

29 Apr


it is not all just death metal.

fuck yes.

sometimes it isn’t where you’re going,

28 Apr

It’s who you’re with

22 Apr


happy earth day (:


22 Apr

is it weird that i feel like all time low has been stolen from me? :/

i mean, i’ve listened to them since i was, what, 11?

nobody new about them back in good ol’ ’06.

now, everyone thinks they are their best friend.

it makes me sad.

this coming year,

14 Apr

i’m going to commit to myself.

i’m going to:

1) learn to ask questions.

2) learn to tell someone how i feel, without being afraid.

3) say it simple.

4) not stumble over my words.

5) calm down.

6) smile.

i just had the most horrible nightmare.

3 Apr

it wasn’t exactly a nightmare, but it was scary.

i was just sitting at my computer (in my dream) and i started seeing pictures of my mom on the screen.

it scared the shit out of me.


1 Apr

look what you’ve started…

The knife slides down the tip of my tongue.
I’m finding pleasure in watching you writhe.
I lean in just to lick the sweat off your face.
I taste the reverence dripping down my throat.

There is definitely something wrong!
Will they scream?
Will they cry?
Will they beg as they die or have to accept that this is the end?

Are you ready to die?
Are you ready to die?!
I’m so glad that all of you came!