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i’m sick of wordpress.

21 May

so i made a tumblr.

follow me there, or i’m hiatusing this shit.

have a nice life.

mr. daniel todd miller-perez

29 Apr


it is not all just death metal.

fuck yes.

sometimes it isn’t where you’re going,

28 Apr

It’s who you’re with

16 Apr

all i do is give & you just take.


8 Apr

i was writing my report today, and i opened my “notes” application on my computer. basically, it’s just a program where you can stick a bunch of sticky notes wherever you want on your screen & write on them. when i opened it, i found that my boyfriend had written about 100 of these:

I’m in love with him. SO much.

3 Apr


2 Apr

it’s hard to comprehend 473 days. in 20 min it’ll be 474.

that’s 15 months, and 15 days. 40,867,200 seconds, and 681,120 minutes. that’s a lot of time. that’s how long you’ve been changing my life for.

after all this time, i finally realized something. i want to stay here with you. the east coast, for all it’s prestigious universities & cute little cities doesn’t hold any interest for me anymore. all i want is you.

i think i’d rather stay here & go to matc, or uwm, and stay with you than some university that has alumni everywhere. we’ll probably end up owning some little rundown apartment & drinking tea. i’ll probably end up going veg again, and riding a bike everywhere, because every last cent will go towards living. we’ll drink tea out of glass jars, and i’ll probably get hooked on coffee too. there would be weekends with too much pabst, and weekends without enough.

of course, over time, our house would get better & truly be ours instead of us pretending i’d just moved in.

eventually, we’d all grow up, and (hopefully) our friends would stop doing drugs. we’d all have our families, and we’d stop going to shows. we’ll lose the wildness of our youth, and be tamer. we’ll start giving a shit about taxes, jobs, and where our kids would go to school. we’d go out for breakfast on weekends, and come home to read the paper & clean the house. we’ll meet our friends in lounge clubs instead of dirty basement parties.

the city might not stay the same, and our lives might change, but i hope our love stays alive & wild like it is today.

i’m not really romantic at all. i never have been. i’ve never been the type to fantasize about a future with someone, or without them for that matter. i’ve never let myself get attached. you knew that i had built up walls around my heart, and you didn’t destroy them; you just broke in.

i didn’t sit down to write this and say that i needed to think about a future with you. i had a dream about you. i’ve never dreamt about a boy before, but it made me realize something. you love me, you really do. and i love you. i need to start to realize that something is happening with us, and we’re going somewhere. we’re growing up, and changing. but the one thing that just wont’ go away is the fact that i love you. not maybe. not “i think so.” not kind of. i really love you, and i don’t want to lose you. i love you right now. at this moment. and i’ll wake up tomorrow, and i’ll still love you- and i never want to wake up and love anyone else.

15 months, and 15 days. you make me, me. you complete me. “if you’re a bird, i’m a bird.” don’t leave me. not now, not ever, because we both know we’ll both just end up right back here.