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World War 2: Volume 7

8 Jan

Germany Invades the Soviet Union

After a failed attempt by Hitler to overthrow Britain, he turned his attention to the Soviet Union. Hitler sent 3 million German troops into the Soviet Union to overthrow them in 1942. On June 22, 1942, over 4.5 million troops united from the Axis Powers in order to take over the Soviet Union, since it took up most of Europe and Asia. Some people say that the failure at this attack was the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany.

World War 2: Volume 6

8 Jan

Germany Invades Poland

Without any warning, or declaration of war, Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. This attack forced Britain and France into the war. Hitler wanted to take over Poland in order to captivate all the Jews that lived there, and most of Poland’s population was Jewish. Therefore, it was the most logical country to overthrow first.

World War 2: Volume 5

8 Jan

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a terrible time in which the Nazi party tried to create the perfect race. They attempted, and nearly succeeded, to eliminate all people that Hitler saw as imperfect. He wanted all Jews,  Homosexuals, Gypsies, Communists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, Disabled Individuals, Soviet POW’s, and Socialists gone, as he saw them inferior.

It was a heartbreaking thing to watch this on the video, and hearing the soldiers’ voices as the told the story just made it seem even worse. I can’t even imagine the kind of pain they were feeling.

World War 2: Volume 4

7 Jan


The battle of Saipan was one of the bloodiest and most brutal of World War 2. Fought on the island of Saipan, between the American troops and the Japanese, this battle took place from June 15th, 1944 to July 9th, 1944. Almost 3,000 American soldiers were killed, and about 24,000 Japanese soldiers were lost. The invasion had surprised the Japanese troops, considering the invasion they were expecting were much further south. In the end, the Americans came out on top. This gave the Americans the hope they needed to continue on into the war.

World War 2- Volume 3

11 Dec

The Battle of Guadalcanal

The battle of Guadalcanal was one of the bloodiest and most brutal things that we’ve heard about yet that had to do with World War 2.7,100 American soldiers were killed. But, that was nothing compared to the 31,000 Japanese soldiers that were killed. 38 Japanese ships were sunk, and and 29 U.S. ships were sunk.

It just kind of got me thinking- a lot of these soldiers were in their late teens or early twenties, and thats not all that far away from where I am now. I heard stories about how they feared death, and they knew that it could creep up and snatch them at any moment. Even though I’m only 13, I’m terrified of dying. I think about it all the time. I didn’t really start to think about it until my mom died, almost a year ago. I think about what happened to her, if anything. Is there a heaven and a hell? Or is everything just gone? Where do all of your memories go? I don’t know, I think that no matter what kind of person you are, you’re afraid of death to a point. If you say the concept doesn’t even ever cross your mind, then you’re either lying, or naive.

World War 2- Volume 2

10 Dec

World War 2- Journal 2

Today we watched another part of the video on World War 2. What they did to these soldiers was so barbarac! They made these poor soldiers walk for 6 days and 7 nights in the Bataan Death March. The Japanese, at this time, were slowly taking over the world. Scarrrrrrry.

The Nazi party seems like they just wanted to eliminate everybody who wasn’t perfectly blond haired and blue eyed. Its so sad! I honestly don’t know how to feel about it. It seems like everybody who fought in the war just wanted to protect themselves, or take over something else, instead of thinking of the WORLD. I guess we should appreciate the war, considering it brought our country out of the great depression. I don’t- it killed too many people.

World War 2- Volume 1

9 Dec

World War 2- Entry Number 1

Today we watched a movie in social studies class about World War 2. Some of the images were beyond horrifying, and hearing the people’s stories was heartbreaking. When Japan invaded Pearl Harbor, I can’t even imagine the kind of toll that must’ve taken on the U.S. Military. From what we saw, I learned that Japan, Germany, and Italy were the main countries involved in the war, and that they were referred to as “the axis.” I don’t really understand how they got that nickname, but hey, I wasn’t alive then either. They all wanted different things, and it really befuddles me how they could unite for a reason of just destroying the U.S. The German armies wanted to eliminate all Jews and make a perfect world, the Italian armies wanted to reinstate the Roman Empire, and the Japanese armies wanted to become the most industrial country in the Pacific, and have a lot more influence. Its all so confusing. Hopefully I’ll understand it more tomorrow.