mr. daniel todd miller-perez

29 Apr


it is not all just death metal.

fuck yes.


sometimes it isn’t where you’re going,

28 Apr

It’s who you’re with

22 Apr


happy earth day (:


22 Apr

is it weird that i feel like all time low has been stolen from me? :/

i mean, i’ve listened to them since i was, what, 11?

nobody new about them back in good ol’ ’06.

now, everyone thinks they are their best friend.

it makes me sad.

16 Apr

all i do is give & you just take.

this coming year,

14 Apr

i’m going to commit to myself.

i’m going to:

1) learn to ask questions.

2) learn to tell someone how i feel, without being afraid.

3) say it simple.

4) not stumble over my words.

5) calm down.

6) smile.


8 Apr

i was writing my report today, and i opened my “notes” application on my computer. basically, it’s just a program where you can stick a bunch of sticky notes wherever you want on your screen & write on them. when i opened it, i found that my boyfriend had written about 100 of these:

I’m in love with him. SO much.