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early birdie.

24 Jul


my new favorite song. owl city = love.

okay, so the title of this post has nothing to do with the actual post.

i’m getting my hair done monday! yay! I finally think I decided what I want to do. i’m beyond stoked. sorry for the lack of proper grammar, i’m lazy.

big week ahead of me. monday i’m getting my hair cut and dyed, tuesday and wednesday i work, then thursday is warped tour! so freakin’ stoked. i wish owl city was on the tour though, that would be beyond magnificent.



my bad, i couldn’t control myself.

i forgot what i was talking about… OH YEAH, WARPED TOUR! i’m hoping for cool and sunny weather, but since it’s july in wisconsin, my wish most likely won’t be granted. these are the times that i wish i had that genie from aladdin. that would be kickass…

i’ll post pictures of my hair on monday if i get the time(: