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I got about 3 hours of sleep.

4 Jun

Considering I’m a recovered insomniac, sleep means a lot to me. I sleep a lot now that I actually CAN sleep. But, last night, I got absolutely NO sleep.

My dog puked ALL over my room at about 7, so I had to clean my carpet, wash ALL of the clothes that were on the floor, and wash my dog, and try and get the stench out of there.

So, needless to say, I’m ridiculously tired today, and if I snap on you, don’t take it personally.

You’ve all been warned (:

locker cleaning…

1 Jun

I say that we should be able to hire a cleaning crew, because my locker sure does need it. I’m currently not sure what’s living in there…

ANYWHOOO, I was walking with my friends this weekend, and we went to Sheridan Park with my dog. While we were there, we walked past the pool, and there was a guy filling it up. I was completely shocked, and so I asked why it was so early. Apparently, they fill it earlier than this usually, but they got back ordered on the chemicals, and I’ve been being lied to this entire time!

Oh, and I downloaded the acoustic version of “Six Feet Under The Stars” and it is my new favorite song. Nothing you bring me can top it… nothing(:

I. Love. Weekends.

20 Oct

Who loves weekends?! I do! They’re amazing. This weekend, was particularly amazing though….  I got a dog. His name is Gizmo, and he’s ridiculously cute. He looks a lot like this:

Pretty cute if I do say so myself. My weekend pretty much revolved around him. With getting him situated, and everything, I didn’t really have time to do anything else. But, I had a few people come over and they met Gizmo, and we walked him around and everything. The only bad part, is he tried to attack my neighbor, Jordan. It was pretty hilarious though, being as he’s just over a foot tall.

Other than that, I just slept, hung out with friends, and my family. It was pretty packed full though, even though its sounds like nothing happened.

Gizmo The Pig

14 Oct

Thats Gizmo’s Halloween costume(: