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I said I would keep up my blog,

13 Jun

And so I follow through. Although, now that I’ve graduated… ha, Skonecki, I am going to post whatever I please on here. So, it will be a bit more interesting(:

So far, even though I’ve only really been on summer break for like a day, its going good. Graduation was really great. My dress worked out good, my hair looked great, and my makeup looked better than I expected. I didn’t get the whole year honor roll thing, but whateverrr.

After graduation I went over by my aunt’s with Amanda for a little while. We ate and ate and ate and ate, then we went in the hot tub, haha. After we left, which was at around 7, we went up to Airport Park. We were supposed to just hang out with Nick, but he was running late- naughty, naughty, Nick- and we called Brandon. Brandon and Amanda and I were walking up to Taco Bell, when we ran into Dakota, a girl I used to go to school with. We ended up calling Hayden, and walking around with him. My night was… interesting to say the least.

But, I’m super duper excited for summer. I plan on accomplishing all of my goals, and working ridiculously hard on grasping the concept of macro photography. I also have 8 hours… at least, a  day where I can sit at home and do nothing. Fun, eh? But I’m getting paid $50 a week to babysit my little brother, who just wants to be outside all the time. It should be a piece of cake.

I got my schedule for next year (:

3 Jun

and I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail my first two classes.

1st hour: Spanish 1

2nd Hour: English 1-2 Honors

3rd Hour: Study Hall

4th Hour: Lunch

5th Hour: PE9

6th Hour: Algebra 1

7th Hour: Physical Science Honors

I don’t know how I’m going to pull off the morning, considering I can barely speak English when I have to wake up. Then, I have to go to a higher level English course after speaking a foreign language.

I’m scared.