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I got my schedule for next year (:

3 Jun

and I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail my first two classes.

1st hour: Spanish 1

2nd Hour: English 1-2 Honors

3rd Hour: Study Hall

4th Hour: Lunch

5th Hour: PE9

6th Hour: Algebra 1

7th Hour: Physical Science Honors

I don’t know how I’m going to pull off the morning, considering I can barely speak English when I have to wake up. Then, I have to go to a higher level English course after speaking a foreign language.

I’m scared.

save the drama fo’ yo mamma(:

27 May

I don’t really care about everyone’s drama. I’m pretty sick of everyone at this school starting stuff with everyone. This school is too filled with drama.

Oh; and I find it funny how everybody always is against one person, in their mind, when that one person has been being “bogus” for over 2 years! Funny funny funny!

“I can’t stand the fact,

12 May

that this extremity is the center of my day.

you’re the center of my day(:”


So, I went to Cudahy High School last night, which is where I’ll be going. Whoo hoo? No. I don’t really wanna be going there. Oh smell though, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m in honors English and physical science, and then my electives are pretty boring, but, I will be taking a class in web design.

Overall, I had a pretty good day. How was your Monday? (:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower;

24 Mar

is my new favorite book.



My topic is the contradiction between teen morals and teens active sex lives.

My cousin did her Master’s paper on this, so my research should be fairly easy. I’m going to look at it more from a social science perspective, and I think it’ll be really interesting. I think that it will make me look really mature, and this will be pretty impressive when I’m looking at highschools and applying for the higher classes. I’m pretty psyched(:

But, I do need help with a question…

help meee!


24 Feb

Today is a good day. I accomplished a lot last night. I finished some of my late work, coded a new layout for my MySpace, downloaded some music, and bought a new phone online. I’m pretty psyched about it. Its a BlackBerry 8330 in pink. EEEEEP!

I’m pretty stoked.

I hate…

12 Sep


We can’t do anything. No email. No music. No games. What if we have no homework? WHAT THEN?!