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I’ve been put through hell and back,

5 Jul

and I’m not going through it again.


Inside I hope you know I’m dying,

with my heart beside me,

in shattered pieces that may never be replaced.

And if I died right now, you’d never be the same.”

Mayday Parade = Love(:

Playlist of the Week; Special Edition-

9 Apr

Well, its spring break, so I’m not going to be posting for awhile, and I skipped playlisting last week, so I’m going to make an extra long playlist. 😀

Playlist 3

1. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes :: Fall Out Boy

2. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing :: Aerosmith

3. Nothing :: Every Avenue

4. ShesGotStyle :: NeverShoutNever

5. Tears Don’t Fall :: Bullet For My Valentine

6. Give Me Anything :: The Maine

7. Remembering Sunday :: All Time Low

8. My Heroine :: Silverstein

9. The Martyr To End All Martyrs :: Sleep Serapis Sleep

10. The Pretender :: Foo Fighters

11. L-O-V-E :: Nat King Cole

12. Hero/Heroine :: Boys Like Girls

13. When I Get Home You’re So Dead :: Mayday Parade

14. You Get What You Give :: New Radicals

15. HereGoesNothin’ :: NeverShoutNever

Mayday Parade anybody?

17 Nov

So, on Friday, I went to see All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The Maine, and Every Avenue. Pretty much the best pop/punk lineup possible. It was so fun. I kind of got sucked into this body slamming circle though, and got CRUSHED. Also some stupid girl that tried to crowd surf got dropped on my head… then on the floor. It hurt-BAD!

Anywayyy, here’s a few pictures. I’ll post one of Alex Gaskarth later(:

9 DAYS!!!

5 Nov

I can’t wait(:all_time_lowmayday-parade_december-2007