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Obama Obama Obama Obama

5 Nov


I am so incredibly happy that Barack Obama won the presidential election. Now we only have a few more months of turmoil due to Bush. In my opinion, if McCain/Palin would’ve won, we would’ve just been hurled deeper into this “black hole of an economy.” I mean, McCain was just another Bush, and our country just couldn’t withstand that. Obama can think of ways to get out of this creatively, and keep our economy in tact, while McCain would’ve just let it get worse. Honestly, he is old, which is another downfall to his campaign. Not many people liked Sarah Palin and her tattooed lip liner, and she would’ve been running the country when McCain died. Given, he is in pretty good health at the moment, but still, he’s what, 72? Thats old for a president. If he would’ve run his full 8 years, he would’ve been 80 by the time his presidency was over. Thats not cool. Obama on the other hand is just, overall good for the country. I think that now, we actually stand a chance of staying together, and getting through this turmoil as a country- the exact same way we got in.