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i want to learn how to play harmonica. they make me happy.

20 May

s-c-a-n-d to the a to the l-o-u-s

20 May

“Take the high road, it’s far less crowded.”

“I miss the long drives, the car rides, the bad fights, the good times. The way you make me feel will never leave my mind.”

“It’s the greatest thing you’ll ever imagine, but you’ll never know until you’re there.”

“Running from lions never felt like such a mistake.”

“real eyes realize real lies.”

“If I could gather up the nerve, I’d put my feelings into words. And if I weren’t so young, stupid, or reckless, I might be able to soon just forget this.”

happy monday (: spamspamspam

8 Mar

” dont throw yourself out on another’s whim.

People change, as do intentions and as a result, consequences.

Live for yourself – Love those around you –

but realize theyve got their own agendas “

-AlexanderWilliamGaskarth (:


18 Jun

I absolutely love summer. I’m going to make this summer one to remember, too. I think its a good thing to do, considering it may be the last time I’ll EVER see anyone from Burdick. It’s kind of scary, if you think about it. I mean, it’s the big time now. No more hiding behind Daddy for my mistakes; its all me. I’m not in elementary school anymore. People are starting to see me as an adult, and accept my visuals on things. In 4 years, I’ll be able to vote, buy a house, have contracts in my own name, and have accounts in my own name. I’ve always wanted to grow up, but, now that it’s happening, I almost want to stay a kid. I’m scared that I won’t be able to do what’s neccessary to live in the “real world.” One mistake, that’s all it could take to mess it all up. I really need to think about what I want to do with my life now. I need to think about college, and saving money, in order to survive on my own in just a few short years. I need to realize what’s best for me, and stop trying to please other people.

Its scary to think that all of this is happening so fast. I’ll be classified as an adult soon, and I’m scared of that. I don’t want everything to fall on me. I mean, I can get married in a few years. I can make vital life decisions, and I’m scared.

I’m also excited though, because with all of this responsibility, comes the ability to control my own life. I will be able to decide what I want, go where I want to go, and do what I want to do. I’ll be able to see who I want to see, and say what I want to say. It’ll be great.

“Take time to contemplate who you are, and where

you want to go.”

-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

save the drama fo’ yo mamma(:

27 May

I don’t really care about everyone’s drama. I’m pretty sick of everyone at this school starting stuff with everyone. This school is too filled with drama.

Oh; and I find it funny how everybody always is against one person, in their mind, when that one person has been being “bogus” for over 2 years! Funny funny funny!

26 May

we never know what’s wrong without the pain, sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing, are the same.

I have definitely learned this to be true lately. I have had to make some ridiculously tough decisions, but, I guess they’re for the best. They are going to benefit me somehow… I know it

would it kill you to care as much as I did?

7 May

i’m pretty fed up with everyone taking me for granted. i’m doing everything for myself. Basically, what I’m saying, is screw everyone. i just don’t care. i give something everything i’ve got, and then it backfires, and it turns out i’ve just wasted my breath. forget trying to impress people, because they just don’t care. i’m losing my mind here, at this school, and its not just people here.

i need a change. i need to go. i need to live my life.


19 Mar

One thing doesn’t make a man…

So trueee. I honestly don’t think that I could’ve found a more fitting song lyric for my life at the moment. I’ve messed up… a lot. I didn’t even know I was doing some of it. But hey,

one thing doesn’t make a man.

I want to be nicer. I want to be prettier. I want to be cleaner. I want to be thinner. I want to be a better photographer.

I’m going to be nicer. I’m going to be prettier. I’m going to be cleaner. I’m going to be thinner. I’m going to be a better photographer.

Don’t try and stop me.


4 Feb


“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”
-Marilyn Monroe


3 Nov

Most important dreams you have, are the ones when you’re awake…”

-John O’Callaghan