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locker cleaning…

1 Jun

I say that we should be able to hire a cleaning crew, because my locker sure does need it. I’m currently not sure what’s living in there…

ANYWHOOO, I was walking with my friends this weekend, and we went to Sheridan Park with my dog. While we were there, we walked past the pool, and there was a guy filling it up. I was completely shocked, and so I asked why it was so early. Apparently, they fill it earlier than this usually, but they got back ordered on the chemicals, and I’ve been being lied to this entire time!

Oh, and I downloaded the acoustic version of “Six Feet Under The Stars” and it is my new favorite song. Nothing you bring me can top it… nothing(:

hobos pwn all of you.

22 May

So, last night I went to Sheridan Park with my friend Aaron and some dude named… Jesse? I don’t remember, anyway, we were walking along the beach, and there was this hobo. He was chillin’ by a fire, and I was freezing my booootay off, so I went up and I was just like “Dude, can I chill by the fire with you?”

Then he was all like “Yeahhhhh, man. Come on chill with me by the fire.”

So we were talking, and apparently, dude like lost everything after someone killed his wife and kids, and then he became a hobo and he’s happier then ever!!! He like travels the state all the time, and stuff. Like, yesterday alone, he had traveled from Kenosha to Cudahy. Oh, and he stole this chicken from a farmer, and he was like gutting it and roasting it. A whole freaking chicken!!!!

So, needless to say, this hobo is my hero.



8 Apr

Its really quite terrifying how some of my friends are talking about suicide so much lately. One of them is in love with someone who doesn’t love them back, another is being bullied, another just wants a friend; its scary. I really don’t think these people realize how much of an impact they have on my life. They mean the world to me, and if someone could just get through to them, they could save their life.

Its horrifying to know that just a few months ago, one of these people was happy-go-lucky, had a girlfriend, and had their entire life ahead of them. I’m really scared for you guys. I don’t want to lose you. I just want to be able to get through to you, no matter what it takes. Please, listen.


5 Mar

I found an insanely cool website last night. Blackle is an energy saving version of the ever popular, Google. Its almost exactly the same, except, the background is black, and they use as little light on your screen as possible, by only having the text in white. I think its pretty chill.

Blackle saves over 750 megawatts a year, simply by having the screen black.


750 megawatts per year may not seem like a lot, but, when you add it all up, as of now, Blackle has saved 1,116,078.582 megawatts… thats a ton



11 Feb

What has the world come to when popular health drinks contain illegal substances? The ever popular VitaminWater, made by Coca Cola has been found with traces of illegal substances, which are setting off drug tests for college students. These substances are only in 6 flavors of VitaminWater though, which are-

  • Power-C
  • Energy
  • B-Relaxed
  • Rescue
  • Vital-T
  • Balance


Click here for story.

What’s Your Story?

4 Sep

I don’t think that at my age, you can tell your story yet. We’re only teenagers. We have our entire lives to add to our books. Your story will continue to be written until you die. Then, your children, or grandchildren will carry it on. Sort of like a book. We’re just the beginning of the series.


So far, my story is that I’m just a normal teenager. I live with my dad, since my mom died, and my 6-year-old brother is my best friend. I’m a respectable person, and I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. I feel as though I have overcome many obstacles that most people at my age don’t need to face, and I’m proud of myself. I like my story, and I hope that I still will when I’m older.


When I’m old and gray, I hope I’m able to tell a story of a wonderful life. A story of overcoming my fears, and winning. I want to be able to say that I lived my life the way I wanted when I was a teenager, and didn’t fall into what my friends told me to do.  I want to be able to say that I did things the right way, and that I didn’t cheat, that my life was fulfilling, that I lived my dreams.


What’s your story?  Is your story a bestseller? A novel, a picture book? Is your story a thriller? Is it a mystery? Whatever it is, live your life so that your story is worth reading.