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Glorious New TV

7 Oct

So, on Sunday our TV died. I mean, I’m not really sad, being as the picture was really suck-ish on it. But, anyway, we ended up spending a total of 6 hours TV shopping. We went to American, where we had picked out a new TV, stand, and a BluRay Player. After he had taken my Dad’s credit card, he informed us that the only thing in stock was the TV stand. So, my Dad proceeded to explode on the salesman, and told him just how great he thinks that AmericanTV is. We then left, and I thought the salesman was going to cry. We went to Best Buy, where we spent the majority of our afternoon. We had the strangest salesman ever. We had picked out a 42″ LCD TV, and my dad was super excited about getting it. We had the BluRay player, and the stand, and everything was going to be great. But, then he just seemed to disappear into the back room, where he allegedly looked for the TV. He came out about half an hour later, an told us that the TV wasn’t there, and that he could have it to us by the 9th. Thing is, we couldn’t wait until the 9th. My Dad was watching NASCAR in Best Buy, and Sam was getting antsy. We picked out a different TV, and he disappeared again. He reappeared carrying a box that dwarfed him. We picked out a stand, and he disappeared again and this continued until we had everything decided. We finally took the TV and everything home, and watched a movie for the first time in BluRay format. Man, its amazing(: